Five Things to Ask About Body Contouring

Here at McTammany Health Services, we believe every patient deserves a life-changing transformation. At our office, patients can enjoy a variety of body contouring options to achieve various cosmetic goals. Whether reducing a small fat area or a more intensive transformation of multiple body parts, our team is prepared for any change you want to see.

If you’re interested in a body contouring treatment, our expert team recommends asking these five questions at your first consultation. Let’s go over each of these questions and how they apply to our most popular surgical and non-surgical body contouring procedures.

What Is Body Contouring?

Body contouring, or body sculpting, is a medical or surgical procedure that aims to reshape an area of the body. It may involve procedures to:

  • Remove extra skin
  • Eliminate excess fat
  • Reshape or contour the area

People choose to undergo body contouring to feel better in their bodies or to attain a certain shape. It’s commonly used on specific areas of the body when diet and exercise aren’t giving patients their desired results. Body contouring does not usually help you lose weight. Instead, it helps shape the body and address specific areas where weight loss isn’t effective or after significant weight loss results in extra skin.

Surgical options can also remove extra skin to make the skin look smoother and younger. It can also improve loose, saggy or wrinkled skin that occurs with natural aging.

Body contouring can have many benefits and transformative results. To help you decide if this procedure is for you, here are five questions to ask at your first consultation.

1. How Long Does It Take?

Determining how long a procedure lasts can help you plan your time and decide whether it fits into your busy schedule. For example, a tummy tuck requires you to be under general anesthesia for two to three hours. On the other hand, CoolSculpting®, a non-invasive procedure that’s performed in-office, usually takes only an hour per treatment area.

2. Can Body Contouring Tighten Skin?

In general, treatments like liposuction have not been shown to be effective at tightening skin. However, treatments that use light, heat, or other forms of energy, such as ThermiRF™, are specifically intended to tighten skin. ThermiRF, previously known as Symphony RF™, can be used all over the body, from loose skin along the jawline to the backs of the arms and more. A tummy tuck and other “lift” procedures (breast lift and thigh lift, for example) remove excess skin for an effective contour.

Five Things to Ask About Body Contouring

3. What Are The Results?

Optimal results from any cosmetic procedure are the goal, so learning exactly what kind of results to expect from each option can help you make your decision. Liposuction and its variations, including SAFELipo®, remove fat from a specific area of the body. While these procedures aren’t ideal for large-volume fat reduction, they’re excellent for “spot reducing” some of our patients’ most stubborn bulges. 

On the other hand, tummy tuck surgery removes excess skin and tightens muscles in addition to reducing fat. This creates a deep improvement across various layers of the abdomen. A more significant transformation can be achieved by combining treatments such as a tummy tuck, liposuction, and a thigh lift. Your decisions can determine how dramatic the final results are.

4. What Is The Recovery Time?

You should give yourself enough time to recuperate safely at home to see the best results. Fortunately, non-invasive procedures, including CoolSculpting and ThermiRF, don’t require much rest at home. While you may feel some soreness, you can still enjoy your favorite activities afterward. However, more significant surgical procedures such as tummy tucks can require one to two weeks of rest and restricted activity at home.

One important thing to keep in mind: Body contouring does not produce instantaneous results. Instead, patients should see a difference within three weeks. The total effect does not become apparent for two to four months. Keep in mind that fat cells leave the body in stages after body sculpting, and that is reflected in the amount of time it takes for results to become visible.

5. How Long Do The Results Last?

While no cosmetic procedure can completely stop aging, many can significantly slow it down. Due to the nature of fat, cells removed from the body (in procedures such as CoolSculpting and liposuction) will never return. The results of skin tightening procedures and surgery can last for many years, although results can vary depending on your procedure’s significance, age, and other factors. In any case, maintaining a steady weight and practicing a healthy diet and exercise habits after your procedure are the best ways to retain your results for as long as possible.

These are a few of the best questions to ask as you research the body contouring process. As you do, it’s important to make sure you’re asking these questions to the right professionals with the correct information. Our team of educated doctors has years of experience with body contouring, so you can ensure you’re getting the expertise you need to choose the right procedure for you.

Five Things to Ask About Body Contouring

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